AFEW X Diadora N.9000 "Highly Addictive NYC“

by Henrik Buzzi

2017 AFEW had located the epicenter of sneakeaddiction in Tokyo. They were able to handle all the infected people in Japan’s capital, but surprisingly the amount of sneakeraddicted people in New York City grew exponential. Luckily Dr. Wefa reacted quick enough and developed a sneaker against the addiction to prevent a huge sneaker epidemic. This sneaker is made of the remaining materials of the “Highly Addictive” and the rough and unique concrete from NYC. In the laboratory Dr. Wefa mixed these materials and the result is the AFEW X Diadora N.9000“Highly Addictive NYC”. This sneaker is dedicated to the sneaker community in NYC.

The AFEW X Diadora N.9000„Highly Addictive NYC“ will be available in exclusively at Sneakersnstuff – NYC Store on the 7th September. In addition, SNS will have a limited quantity of the AFEW X Diadora N.9002 “Master Formula” and the Diadora Tracksuit. With this combo you have the best preparation against the sneakeraddiction. Disclaimer: Despite of wearing the sneaker and the tracksuit, in some cases the wearer will not be immune against sneakeradiction.