AFEW x Hummel Marathona "Stay Foolish"

by Henrik Buzzi

“The floor is lava” is one of the most famous examples for the imagination of a child. A game that everyone can imagine, and a game as silly as it sounds. But if you are able to “see” the lava as an adult, you never lost sight of your inner child. The goal of the “Stay Foolish” project is to thematize exactly this topic. Stay foolish and remind yourself to stay foolish.

A branch become a sword, wooden bricks become an animal and the floor turns to lava – the imagination of a child is infinite. Even more, it is funny, sometimes unrealistic but mostly foolish. But the best stories and moments started with a crazy or foolish idea. That's why we should never lost sight of our inner child. The "Stay Foolish" project is exactly pointing this out.


The design refers to the carefree years as a child. Therefore, the sneaker has toy block lace locks and the insole is showing a bucket list. The logos of HUMMEL and AFEW on the Sneaker have a different font than usual. Both are looking like handwritten by a child. In addition, there are hand prints embossed on the heelcap. The Marathona is made of leather and suede. Releasing at AFEW on February 23. Sign up for the online raffle HERE.