Vans by Taka Hayashi TH Priz LX.

by Henrik Buzzi

With an affinity for meticulous craftsmanship and high-end materializations, artist Taka Hayashi has brought forth some of the most luxurious sneaker designs under Vans’ premium label, Vault by Vans. This spring season, Hayashi reissues his deluxe silhouette, the TH Priz Hi LX. Inspired by the build of the Vans Prison Issue, the TH Priz Hi LX is an elevated extension of the beloved low-top. Created by Taka five years ago, the split-paneled TH Priz Hi LX returns after a long hiatus in a refined off-white canvas and brown leather form complete with perforated heel panels, embroidered ankle straps and tonal waxed laces. Available at Wish