IRAK x Adidas EQT Support.

by Henrik Buzzi

 IRAK NY is a New York-based graffiti crew cum streetwear brand composed of degenerate trouble-makers, thieves and graffiti writers. IRAK basically means "I steal" and can be used in front of any place name--for instance, IRAK NY means "I shoplift in New York," IRAK LA means "I shoplift in LA."

But racking is only so profitable for so long and even the most OG (original gangster) writer gets tired of spending the night in jail for stealing felt-tipped pens to tag the back of bathroom doors. So with street cred on a global scale IRAK made a natural transition into the world of streetwear. Serving as a creative (and legal) outlet for its members IRAK NY the brand is a real-deal streetwear line that features signature T-shirts, branded stickers and various collab pieces. As a lifestyle brand IRAK is all about repping New York on a global scale and promoting the derel lifestyle. IRAK is a brand for all those who indulge in sex, drugs and rock n' roll – or at least would like to if it wasn't for the 9-5. Through some connections with NYC-based retailers, IRAK hooked up with Adidas and got to play around with EQT Remix, devising two colorways and topping both off with some of the most aggressive branding ever – a rather lumpy ‘IRAK’ embroidery at the very front of the shoe. Two versions were released (IRAK 2007 and 2008) in limited quantity. Presented by by L. Patrick Simensen at Sneaker Freaker.