Adidas Originals Consortium ZX 420 "Quotoole".

by Henrik Buzzi

Adidas Originals Consortium presents Quote's Archive. A collaboration project bringing two dedicated Adidas collectors with in-depth knowledge and passion for classic Adidas footwear. The story dates back to 2005 when online forums was the only way to get information about sneaker releases. Freelance illustrator Peter O'Toole and reknowned adidas collector Quote became aware of each other through Crooked Tongues online forum. They started collaborating on sneaker posters, and it was not long before they were approached by Adidas to develop a limited edition book. Upon the project drawing to a close Adidas had one more surprise for the pair and rewarded them both with a dream-come-true moment, a chance to visit the Adidas archive in Herzogenaurch and an opportunity to design a shoe to accompany their book. Presented by L. Patrick Simensen at Sneaker Freaker.