Bodega x Asics Gel-Classic “On The Road”.

by Henrik Buzzi

Bodega once again have teamed up with Asics, this time on a silhouette that has nearly been untouched for thirty years. That shoe is the Asics Gel Trendy, retooled for 2016 as the Gel Classic. The new color palette features neutral earth tones accented by soft pastels, which all serve to highlight the sensations of the open road.  All the colorful sights in the great outdoors are varied and plentiful, but it all comes back to having to actually be out there, with the earth beneath your feet, to truly experience them. The Gel Classic is a running shoe slowed down to walking pace, but on the road, pace doesn’t always matter.  We all get to where we’re going in the end. The Bodega x Asics Gel-Classic 'On The Road' Pack will come with custom branded packaging and a disposable camera, releasing exclusively through on January 9.