Puma R698 “Kosma Pack”

by Henrik Buzzi

Puma have got something perfect for these Autumnal nights in the form of these warm colours in the latest R698 Kosma pack.Revolutionary when introduced in the 90’s, Trinomic technology uses a hexagonal system in the sole that compresses and rebounds load whilst the Trinomic honeycomb cells offer cushioning and support. The latest Trinomic pack fully emphasises the shoe’s iconic silhouette by blocking every panel in different material including mesh, soft leather and crackled premium nubuck. As for the name? There seems to be some mystery regarding it and Puma have offered us no explanation but I think the best theory we’ve heard is that it’s based on composer Joseph Kosma who was responsible for a standard classical jazz piece (amongst others) by the title of “Les feuilles mortes” or “Autumn Leaves”. Releasing November 13th at selected retailer such as Hanon