UBIQ x Brooks Heritage Chariot "Liberty" Exclusive release.

by Henrik Buzzi

Glasgow-based alternative fashion retailer Fat Buddha is part of only five UK retailers given exclusive rights to sell the UBIQ and Brooks collaboration, the “Liberty” Chariot.

Brooks is the internationally-recognized athletic shoe designer most famous for its Chariot range of running shoes, which started off in the eighties. UBIQ is the iconic Philadelphian shoe retailer, an institution in its own right. Their collaboration has resulted in an exclusive Philadelphia-inspired “Liberty” Chariot (the “Liberty” referring to Philadelphia’s iconic Liberty Bell). 

The “Liberty” Chariot is immediately recognizable. It has the vintage appeal of the Chariot style, but its brown, white and gold colour-scheme and gold ‘Liberty’ lace lock are entirely new and entirely exclusive. The “Liberty” Chariot is retailed at £100. So get your own piece of Philadelphia while stocks last

The “Liberty” Chariot has been given to only a handful of UK retailers. It was originally scheduled for the 27th of December, but a dock strike deprived designer sneaker aficionados of the Liberty until January the 24th this year! Pop into Glasgow’s Fat Buddha at 73 St Vincent St. if you’re nearby, or order from their online shop.