Extra Butter x Saucony “Space Snack” Shadow Master.

by Henrik Buzzi

These sneakers has its inspiration from the Extra Butter teams favorite form of Space Race sustenance – Neapolitan freeze-dried ice cream! The treat that melts in your mouth, but not into space. Based around the delicious chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mash of flavors, the colors and textures of the tasty treat are brought to life on the Saucony Shadow Master with a premium suede upper. Featuring all 3 flavors of the Neapolitan snack, “Space Snack” also ties together with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry lace options. Lastly, the Space Snack is sealed with a metallic silver tongue tag, reminiscent of the space ice cream’s foil wrap packaging, which features their signature “Float Man”. Releases online today at 17.00 local time.