Burning Rubber x new balance

by Henrik Buzzi

Burn Rubber and New Balance are back at it again, this time choosing the New Balance hybrid 572 for the canvas.  In true Burn Rubber fashion, the guys have decided to take inspiration from something native to their home in Michigan. Vernors, a ginger flavored soft drink and the oldest surviving ginger ale brand in the United States is the inspiration for this shoe. James Vernor created the beverage in Detroit in 1866 after returning from the Civil War to find that his beverage that he left in an oak cast barrel turned into a sweet gingery flavor.  Without the Civil War, this iconic Michigan beverage would not exist. The shoe is filled with details from the wood grain de-boss on the toe box, to the translucent gum bottom and foot- bed both being reminiscent of the actual beverage.  These shoes will be available on November 29th via Burn Rubber’s web-store.