Shelflife x adidas Consortium ZX 4000

by Henrik Buzzi

Since it first came into being, adidas Consortium has been committed to bringing together partners, retailers and collectives who exemplify a unique, fearless approach to collaboration. Each new partnership offers up a creative new take on the iconic styles that adidas has developed over the decades. In doing so they shine an entirely new light on the sportswear brand’s high-performance technologies and commitment to craftsmanship.

Dating back to 2006 when there was little to no sneaker culture in South Africa, and a hard time to find anything in the market, Shelflife was born. Gradually over the years building up a scene and pioneering the way in South Africa. Shelflife launched and celebrated even the most basic of silhouettes starting at ground level, and working our way up. Side by side the entire journey with local artists, musicians and graffiti artists, telling the brands story, making us locally relevant and educating the customer. This formed a strong platform to grow.

Applying this very concept: a strong base, a strong heritage, using everything local that inspires us from textiles, diversity, fabrics and materials, we have built up in many layers the Shelflife ZX4000, not only to be our own, but taking something monumentally strong, and telling our story to be locally and globally relevant.

Taking on the formidable heritage of the adidas ZX running shoe series, we bring their own eye-catching approach to a new iteration of the ZX4000 model.  Viewed straight-on from the outside, the Shelflife version is defined by its understated use of luxurious greyscale nubuck and woven fabric underlays that evoke the historic craftsmanship of the retailers’ home country. On foot and in action however, the medial side of the shoe is revealed, showcasing a colorful, jacquard-printed panel. The adidas Consortium x Shelflife ZX 4000 drops April 13 at Shelflife.