OVERKILL x adidas Consortium ZX 10.000 C “Game Overkill”

by Henrik Buzzi

The adidas Consortium ZX 10.000 C “GAME OVERKILL” is a tribute to the 90s – the decade that has shaped OVERKILL’s team the most. The influences for this model are definitely from our childhood, because the game consoles of the 90s have attained cult status and OVERKILL wanted to take up this theme in order to awaken memories that everyone carries within them from this time. When the first consoles came onto the market, we sat in front of them for hours and every long drive on holiday became a pure pleasure. While the 90’s were very fashionable for us, electronic music also played a big role, which is reflected in many beats of various games and all these influences are symbolic for our childhood.

Thematically inspired by a well-known handheld console, which was as important then as it is today, the OVERKILL team have oriented themselves to its design elements. Because Team Overkill is a huge fan of the pocket console, the design idea for the “GAME OVERKILL” was born. Unlike their first ZX 10.000 C model, the “I CAN IF I WANT”, this time they didn’t focus on the retro running look of the running shoes that were popular in the 90s. Releasing April 6 at OVERKILL.