Overkill x Reebok Classic Club C 85 “Berlin 1985“

by Henrik Buzzi

Introduced in 1985 of the legendary Reebok Club C 85 is the source of inspiration for the first collaboration work between Reebok Classic x OVERKILL. Referring to their team members memories of East Berlin in the 80s OVERKILL put a lot of love into details.

Starting with different inlays which are strongly influenced by the colorful pattern mix trending at that time. Inspired by the characteristic designs of wallpapers tablecloths or floor patterns all together they recreate a typical living room atmosphere. The processing of a butter-soft upper leather with its ivory shades is as on fleek with color trends of mid-80s, as the green corduroy from which the tongue is made. “Berlin 1985” in the heel area, or the embossed co-branding on the upper and the woven tongue label OVERKILL is restaging the vibe of former East Berlin. Based on the well known sector signs that lined the streets during Berlin’s division, the labels on the insoles indicate when you are leaving or entering the “Sector Overkill“.

On the tonal lace-keepers made out of soft rubber you can read the pun „Bückware“. In the former GDR Bückware stood for strictly limited and barely accessible “hot goods“ which were often traded only beneath the counter. To revive that feeling OVERKILL is hosting their first extern and global exclusive release combined with a GDR theme party at Klub der Republik, an old-established club in East Berlin. Not only the use of contemporary materials and associations from East Berlin underline the authenticity of the project. Especially the special GDR boxing is: A tawny flap box in which the silhouette is wrapped in a then classic, loose-knit shopping bag. Releasing exclusively at OVERKILL on September 23.