Patta x Mizuno Sky Medal

by Henrik Buzzi

Known for their long and rich history, Mizuno was founded in 1906 as a shop that sold western sundries such as baseballs. Soon after the Mizuno brothers Rihachi and Rizo started to sell made-to-order athletic wear, which started the rise of one of worlds largest sportswear and gear companies.

The Sky Medal is a classic running shoe featuring the iconic Runbird. The Runbird, a beautiful, remarkably free-flowing graphic symbol, is unique in its design. It symbolizes Mi- zuno’s roots in Japanese culture and its approach to sports with unlimited space and energy. Respecting the rich history and aesthetics of Mizuno products, Patta decided to incorpora- te the colors of the Sunbird in the design of the Patta x Mizuno Sky Medal. The Patta x Mizuno Sky Medal releases August 11 at Patta.