Afew x Bobbito Garcia "Rock Rubber 45s"

by Henrik Buzzi

The Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most iconic sneaker ever. It is not a surprise that Bobbito, a Hip-Hop legend and member of the infamous Rock Steady Crew, is addicted to this sneaker as well. Bobbito has had multiple collaborations with Nike before… but this one is different. This Nike Air Force 1 is a 1/1 custom designed by us and made by @blunt_shank and shows Bobbito’s characteristics. The different shades of blue in the swoosh symbolizes the five elements of Bobbito: Writing, DJing, Basketball, Filmmaking, and sneaker. The orange highlights represent his hometown New York City and pay homage to the New York Knicks. In addition, you can find the five elements shown as icons on the heel cap. On the insole, there is the cast of his movie “Rock Rubber 45s” shown by name. In addition to the shoe, they've designed an exclusive shirt, limited to 50 pieces. The shirt features a photo of Bobbito Garcia from the late 80s rocking his Air Force 1.

End of July the movie “Rock Rubber 45s” was released. It’s a cinematic documentation about Bobbito and his connection through lifestyle topics such as basketball, sneaker, and music. To celebrate Bobbito's "Rock Rubber 45s" Movie, Afew invited him and a handful of guests, to watch the movie with us, screened in an Old-School cinema. After the movie screening, Bobbito will play an exclusive DJ Set at the aftershow party hosted by Afew. Check out the event HERE.