by Henrik Buzzi

In 1906, the founder "Mizuno Rihachi" started his history by opening a sports equipment shop "Mizuno Brothers' Association (Mizuno Kyodai Shokai)". Start selling exercise clothes custom-made while selling western miscellaneous goods and baseball golf balls, and started to manufacture baseball gloves and baseball balls in 1913, so we focused on the manufacture and sale of various sports gears. In 1942 we changed our company name to the current "Mizuno (MIZUNO)" and it will reach the present. Even now 112 years have passed since its founding, they continue to defend themselves as fusion of technological innovation and craftsmanship, incorporating contemporary interpretation into products born in tradition as the founding philosophy, and the product developed Not only is it trusted by many athletes, it has expanded to general light users, and now "Japan" has established a firm position as one of the world's most prominent sports brands.

Also, in 2016, the sports style category "MIZUNO 1906 (Mizuno 1906)" that was created with modern interpretation into the product born in the tradition of innovation started, and everything that they cultivated for athletes they were injecting it to create a new style. Based on the desire to develop a unified vision from the same brand to the future and to create key accounts and partnerships all over the world that can create new value through various projects The global project "KAZOKU (Kazoku)" named from "family" started in 2018. The MITA Sneakers x MIZUNO WAVE RIDER 1 “No Borders” drops February 10 at MITA.