The Most Insane Facts About Nike (Infographic)

by Henrik Buzzi

Ancient Greek religion had a goddess called Nike who personified victory. Fast-forward eight thousand years, and Nike is still here. However, she is not a goddess anymore, and is well-known on a much broader territory then Greece – we’re talking worldwide. Today, Nike is the most successful athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories brand in the world. Although in a different setting, Nike still represents victory and remains the object of ultimate desire!

There is a quote by Richard Brault which says “The road to success is not a path you find but a trail you blaze”. Without a hint of hesitation, we can say that Nike’s path to success epitomizes this aphorism. In order for us to bring Nike’s world closer to you, present you with a bunch of mind-blowing facts which are outlined in the infographic below. Head on over to for the whole infographic.