CLOT x NikeLab Air Force 1 "Silk"

by Henrik Buzzi

CLOT and NikeLab have collaborated to create the CLOT x NikeLab Air Force 1. The “CLOT Silk Air Force 1” is themed around traditional themes of luck, happiness and prosperity. As homage to China’s traditional roots, the shoe’s upper is comprised of a patterned CLOT Royale silk with a subtly contrasting white cream sole. However, the most interesting point of the “Silk Air Force 1” is the top CLOT Royale silk layer can be removed via burning, cutting or wear & tear to reveal a second laser engraved leather layer. The tear-away concept was put to use as CLOT’s own philosophy of going beyond the superficial. The official release of CLOT x Nikelab Air Force 1 is on the 2nd of February at all JUICE Asia