HANON x KangaROOS Coil-R1 "Moonshine"

by Henrik Buzzi

This October, for the first time, HANON are proud to come together with KangaROOS and debut their HANON Coil-R1 ‘Moonshine’. Known globally for their ‘Original Shoes With Pockets’ they have reworked the KangaROOS ‘86 Coil-R1 runner in a premium execution. Handcrafted in Germany at the Kangaroos factory in Pirmasens, our interpretation of the Coil-R1 is inspired by the one-time illegal production of alcohol in the US - commonly known as Moonshine!

Originally produced at night and under the cover of darkness, Moonshine was distilled in makeshift copper pots and typically made by fermenting corn mash to produce a high-proof clear whisky. Notoriously unsafe and depending on the reliability of the distiller and apparatus used, lead poisoning and blindness were often a result of a poorly made batch. The volume of alcohol in the liquid could be tested by shaking a clear container. Large bubbles indicate high alcohol content and small bubble low alcohol content whilst a flame test could also be implemented to check for lead and other toxins!

Utilising premium materials and handcrafted German production, our Moonshine edition of the Coil-R1 features a plush suede upper with contrasting cracked overlays and a full leather lining. Moonshine references appear throughout the shoe - highlighted via the tan colour to depict the mash, contrasting teal pops representing the oxidised copper on the stills, and patterned overlays to illustrate the bubbles in the liquid. Additional attention to detail appears in the rustic zig-zag stitches the tongue patch and footbed whilst the ‘illegal batch’ is depicted in an individually numbered edition of 408 pairs.  Finally, the coil-R1 is sat atop a DYNACOIL sole unit - a patented NASA tested shock absorbing material making the Coil-R1 out of this world comfortable. Releasing October 13 at HANON.