Afew x BEAMS x Asics Tiger Gel Lyte III "Orange Koi"

by Henrik Buzzi

The Afew x BEAMS x Asics Tiger Gel-Lyte III “Orange Koi” is finally here! Three years after their first collaboration with Asics Tiger. The "Orange Koi“ central theme is the German-Japanese friendship, visible in the details of the shoes. The left patch on the heel shows a world map and the patch on the right shoe shows the word „Friendship“ in Japanese letters. In addition to this, the names of the partners are embossed on each side of the shoe. With an astonishing attention to detail, the sole has been designed with the „Orange Koi“ Camo. Otherwise, you can find a transparent part of the sole where you can see the Koi. With the Instore Release, we will have a Special Packaging, which includes a limited Wooden Special Box, an "Orange Koi Bandana", Inscent Sticks and a History Booklet. Additional laces complete the set. Releasing 10. November at Afew.

Find out about the whole story of the Koi. Started from the 1-of-1 handmade Asics Gel-Lyte III “Koi” to the latest collaboration with BEAMS. Do you ever wonder why we collaborate with Asics Tiger and not with another brand? Check this episode and learn everything about the story of the Koi and you will possibly get a glimpse of the “Orange Koi”.