BAIT x Transformers x Diadora collection

by Henrik Buzzi

BAIT and Hasbro’s Transformers get together to bring Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, and Soundwave to iconic Diadora runners. The 3-way collaboration feature two N.9000s, an S.8000, and the Diadora Aeon, all made with Diadora’s premium craftsmanship and materials. Autobot and Decepticon metal shields reside on each heel, while respective color-ways block each design with a combination of unique materials such as apricot Italian leather, wolverine suede, mirror chrome leather, reflective 3M, and premium nubuck. 3-way branded logo lock ups adorn each silver foil insole, while BAIT, Transformers, and Diadora branding are placed throughout each pair.  For this special release, BAIT and artist Les Schettkoe designed “TV Edition” collectible figures that sport each character in their classic iconic color-ways with a matte finish. Each purchase will come with a corresponding collectible figure. Releasing September 9 and via RAFFLE.