Mita x Le Coq Sportif LCS R 921

by Henrik Buzzi

The sneakers are inspired by models from the ‘80s and ‘90s, in a surprising adaptation for current tastes. The exclusive LCS R 921 mita sneakers is a fusion of the technical LCS R 1000 (upper) and the LCS R XVI (sole and heel), including the Dynactif shock absorber system, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. The brilliant colors are inspired by the archive EUREKA shoe co-created with Shigeyuki Kunii, creative director for mita sneakers. The red, blue, green, and beige accents punctuate the shoe’s contour and bring out the main navy color. These hybrid sneakers’ original design is accentuated by technical characteristics like Aérotop Open Mesh technology, which makes the shoe breathable. The sole is printed with the text « (Tokyo Kai)» the official mark of the collaboration with mita sneakers. Now available at selected retailers such as 24 Kilates.