Footpatrol x Converse One Star “Jewel of Soho”

by Henrik Buzzi

Unquestionably iconic, the Converse One Star has continued to crop up in various subcultural facets over the years, in turn garnering a loyal following of those looking for something a little different. The style itself has a certain simplicity, a perfect balance of suede, vulcanised rubber and subtle branding, which – like all good streetwear staples – has allowed it to continually cross boundaries. Footpatrol chose to work on the One Star for its latest collaboration with Converse. Nestled in the heart of Soho, an area that refuses to relinquish its rare charm, the venerable sneaker store knows all too well that what makes something truly great: Both Soho and the One Star derive their iconic status from a history rich with unflinchingly unique characters. It is a parallel that Footpatrol has taken subtle inspiration from in this collaboration, adorning the sneaker with the small markings found on kerbstones near Soho Square, as well as transforming the star into a jewel. Releasing July 6 at Footpatrol.