Packer x Atmos x Reebok InstaPump Fury “DORAEMON”

by Henrik Buzzi

Last year, Packer teamed up with Atmos and Reebok to black out the InstaPump Fury for the Bounty Hunter edition. Now they turning their attention to another beloved Japanese cultural icon — DORAEMON — the animated star of one of the most beloved children’s series of all time. DORAEMON is a gadget-equipped robotic cat from the 22nd Century who has been entertaining kids around the world in manga comics and anime cartoons since the late ’60s. This weekend, the latest DORAEMON movie will be opening in Asia, and along with it, they’ve cooked up a special edition InstaPump Fury. The shoe’s plush furry finish gives a nod to both new and old, referencing classic stuffed DORAEMON toys as well as the snowy arctic setting of the new movie. Call-outs to the character are sprinkled throughout the design, such as the bells on the Pump balls and the pouch pockets on the heels, with additional details found on the pull tabs and insoles. The DORAEMON Reebok InstaPump Fury will release March 4 at Packer Shoes.