Alumni x Brooks Hertiage "The Great Mistake"

by Henrik Buzzi

When Brooklyn joined Manhattan along with the surrounding counties to create New York City in 1898, Brooklynites feared losing their civic identity and independence, deeming the merger a great mistake. After more than a century of unity, though, Brooklyn remains inimitable, existing side-by- side with Manhattan. “The Great Mistake” Regent uses a canvas upper to celebrate that and also illustrate both the shared and unique histories of those two boroughs. The shoe features a cream midsole and gum-rubber outsole underfoot while pastel colors from the late 19 th century like white swan, cream tan and mauve dominate the palette, with one twist: The right and left shoe are made of different materials. The toe of the right shoe is constructed with suede; the left is made of nubuck. The left toe box is mesh, while the right toe box is matte leather. These muted differences further illustrate the collaboration’s distinct-but- united message.

Additional design elements include maps of Manhattan and Brooklyn, circa 1890, on the insoles and debossed Brooks Heritage and Alumni logos on the heel clips and embroidered logos on each tongue. Brooks Heritage and New York City-based Alumni come together to launch “The Great Mistake” Regent, an iconic 90s running silhouette designed as a tribute to the connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The shoe will launch exclusively at Alumni on March 4