Artefact NYC No. 85

by Henrik Buzzi

Crafted as a counter to the current state of footwear, the No. 85 is built to serve as the archetype of the basketball sneaker, a form so often relied upon in the streets of New York City. Each pair is completely handmade and fabricated using Italian leathers. The product is made to last beyond simply this season and endure the test of time.

The No. 85 is handmade entirely with Italian leather. The upper is constructed using both pebbled cow hides and soft split suedes sourced from storied tanneries. The outsole is made of 100% rubber and includes a fully leather insole. Cotton laces are then dyed to match the upper and lightly waxed to give a sleek yet durable finish. With a selectively padded collar and refined last, the silhouette of No. 85 remains streamlined and sharp. It contains all the essential specifications that embody the durable hightop sneaker, with a concentrated focus on the timeless aesthetic. The No. 85 is now available exclusively at Artefact NYC.