Extra Butter x Ghostface x Asics Gel Lyte MT

by Henrik Buzzi

Extra Butter and legendary Wu-Tang Clan rapper, Ghostface, have teamed up to work on a capsule featuring AsicsTiger and New Era. Inspired by one of Ghostface’s many nicknames, “Pretty Toney” lent an aesthetic of extravagant yet smooth, rugged yet premium. The Extra Butter x Ghostface x AsicsTiger Gel Lyte MT was designed with the rapper’s love for leather jackets in mind- featuring a burgundy upper of various leather treatments such as ostrich, perforation and quilting. Extra Butter meticulously added element never seen on classic Asics footwear before such as rivets, belt straps and a zippered lace gaiter to fully emphasize the jacket story.

The Extra Butter x Ghostface x New Era capsule features designs that also portrays the “Pretty Toney” direction. A premium 9Fifty Strapback matches the footwear with an all leather design, showcasing a quilted visor and an embroidered eagle graphic that all true rap fans will reference the infamous golden eagle gauntlet that Ghostface would don in music videos and concerts. The full Extra Butter x Ghostface “Pretty Toney” collection will release exclusively at ComplexCon Nov 4 and Extra Butter on the November 7.