Par5 Milano x Dal Negra x hummel Marathona "ACE"

by Henrik Buzzi

Par5 Milano, Sneaker store established in 2003, and hummel, the historic Danish sportswear brand, join toghther in a unique partnership rich in history and passion to pay tribute to a true and authentic Italy, one which dates back to a time where clubs and associations gathered together to make memories over a game of cards.This project revolves around the protagonist of all playing cards, the “ACE”. Once representing the lowest value of the deck, the ACE has developed into a symbol of power and strength, currently assuming the highest value of the traditional 52 cards.

This exclusive partnership between Par5 Milano and hummel embodies the old-fashioned Italian “way of life” which gave birth to this traditional game. Par5 Milano has recreated the historical Marathona model with premium materials, utilizing suede in shades of beige and green, with a gum sole and double straps. The packaging was produced in a limited series of 300 pieces which includes a traditional deck of playing cards inside of a custom box, that, when opened, doubles as an actual game table. In addition to the “ACE” sneakers, inside of the box you’ll also find a deck of ‘Poker San Siro’ cards, created and produced by the leading Italian brand of playing cards, Dal Negro. The official product launch will take place on September 8 at Par5 Milano.