Bodega x Reebok NPC UK "Decade"

by Henrik Buzzi

The NPC has been referred to by it’s initials for so long, that it’s easy to forget that NPC stands for Newport Classic, after the Rhode Island town famous for its opulent mansions, nautical culture, and the Tennis Hall Of Fame. In short, Newport is staunchly and proudly part of the tennis old guard. The original all-white colorway of the NPC is the kind of staid traditionalism guaranteed not to provoke disapproving glares.

All-white may be just fine for immaculately manicured lawns, where you never have to worry about a stray divot, slick spot, or standing puddle, but on the city hard courts, that pristine surface is just begging to be scuffed, splashed, dirtied, and gouged.   With that in mind, Bodega’s NPC opts for a brasher approach to luxury. The standard white leather is replaced by a rich, blue suede. A royal purple heel accent adds a touch of class that doesn’t sacrifice personality, while the gum bottom is just plain classic.   Ten stars, five on each heel, celebrate the Boston fixture’s tenth year in business.The Bodega x Reebok NPC UK ‘Decade’ is now available at Bodega. Each pair will come with a branded tennis ball.