Starcow x adidas Consortium Samba

by Henrik Buzzi

This month the Consortium Tour stays in Europe with July’s stop being Starcow. After a football-fueled month, the influential and deep-rooted Parisian store reworks the vintage football sneaker – the adidas Samba – just in time for the EURO 2016 final.

Inner Paris is synonymous with sophistication and chic, but beyond the city’s centre, its suburbs maintain a constant creative output. Operating beyond commercial restrictions and with truer creative freedom, the multi-culturally diverse banlieues are the areas of the metropolitan Paris where skate, football, hip hop, and wider street culture are all allowed to thrive, providing the city with its own unique grassroots culture.

It is this kind of culture that is often fetishised and glamorised in cinema, but Starcow are true social realists, the team behind the store that originated in the city’s northern suburbs have been repping Paris’ urban culture for two decades. Even with their relocation to central Paris in 2001 they have maintained street credibility by staying true to their suburban roots. Starcow were there long before the hype and that is why we trust them to get it right. Here they have selected a model that sits at the crossroads of the city’s suburban scenes.

In 2016, more than at any other time, the goalposts concerning style are shifting, even in central Paris – long a high fashion stronghold – crossover is common, and Starcow, who know both inner and outer Paris well, present a stylish, refined rework of the iconic adidas Samba, designed for every district. A gum sole, with a deep blue leather and suede combination on the upper, on a model which has journeyed from indoor football to the street, been championed by skaters, and is now firmly in style. Dropping at Starcow July 9.