Size? x Asics Gel-Kayano “Italian Leather White”

by Henrik Buzzi

The Gel-Kayano trainer, created by longtime Asics designer Toshikazu Kayano, entered the market as a flagship shoe for “the serious high-mileage runner. In recent times it’s been elevated into the realms of premium footwear, experimenting with suede and leather. Sitting alongside the size? Exclusive Lavender suede option from last week, now presenting their second collaborative colorway with Asics on the Gel-Kayano, in a clean, white Italian leather.

Utilising the technology available in 1993, the GEL-Kayano trainer – with its skeletal logo stripes for support, ALPHA GEL in the heel and monosock has continued to push the boundaries of technology since it was created. The tough armoured shell of stag beetles inspired this model, which has had over twenty reincarnations in the last two decades, reinvigorating the design concept for the modern day each time. The GEL-Kayano trainer is a testament to ASICS Tiger’s commitment to technology and growth. Although the shoe still retains its trademark features such as the unique mono sock and characteristic stripe design, they’ve been re-imagined and remixed to reflect the changing nature of our times. Available now exclusively at Size?