24 Kilates x Reebok LX8500 "Bangkok".

by Henrik Buzzi

After most recent release of the LCS R1000 “Gallo”, we’re glad to present our last collaboration with Reebok. This edition celebrates two very important events for us. The first, our 10th anniversary and the second, the opening of a new 24 Kilates shop last October in Bangkok, Thailand. Utilizing the Reebok LX 8500, 24 Kilates uses the city of Bangkok as the inspiration for this shoe, specifically the Tuk-Tuk which is a three-wheeled taxi vehicle that is commonly used in Bangkok. It features a royal blue suede and leather upper along with red and yellow detailing that mimics the look of a typical Tuk-Tuk. The 24 Kilates x Reebok LX8500 “Bangkok” will be released March 12 at 24 Kilates Barcelona & Bangkok. One week later, the shoe will be available in worldwide selected retailers.