Nike Air Presto GPX.

by Henrik Buzzi

The Nike silhouette otherwise known as a “t-shirt for your feet” returns in another jaw-dropping colorway for Spring. Nike's Air Presto was a glorious culmination of the groundbreaking work the brand did in the 90s for performance footwear design, especially when it came to defining the ultimate in comfort. The Air Presto was the apex of this, a sports shoe that was essentially a big sock with laces and a sole, giving the wearers' foot maximum flexibility and room for toe movement whilst maintaining adequate support with its construction.


With your foot secured inside the shoe, the lace cage allowed for additional lockdown and fit. With 'the perfect fit' configuration, the Air Presto was described as being a 't-shirt for your feet', reflected in the sizing options which range from XXXS - XXL rather than the standard numeric system. The original color-ups and plastic detailing are said to be inspired by Apple's iMac G3 and their transparent casings, allowing you to visibily see the technology at work. The neoprene and breathable mesh uppers sat atop a lightweight Phylon midsole, with a cushioned Duralon outsole for traction. The Air Presto has expirenced somewhat of a revival recently and rightly so - it's a great shoe - the lastest incarnation of which is this radical mix of floating squares and “borderline” glow in the dark green that is now available at Footpatrol.