END. Launches. Levelling the playing field for genuine sneaker fans.

by Henrik Buzzi

In the early days of sneaker collecting you simply went to the store and waited in line to pick up the latest limited release. When the internet first came along, you just had to have your card to hand and press F5, however recently the ‘sneaker bots’ have changed the game beyond all recognition. END Launches is a dedicated microsite and registration system for limited edition sneakers, aimed at levelling the playing field for genuine sneaker fans. The site will focus on key forthcoming sneaker launches, allowing customers to easily register and purchase limited edition sneakers online.

·How does it work?     

  • Register for any release by entering your email address, shipping address and choosing your size
  • When the product drops END will email all registrants a link to the purchase page
  • On clicking the link, you’ll join a queue system with stock allocated on a first come first serve basis
  •  If you are allocated stock, you will have 5 minutes to complete the payment/checkout process
  • If a user does not complete payment within 5 minutes, the product will be re-allocated to the next person in the queue