Le Coq Sportif R800 "Made in France".

by Henrik Buzzi

Le Coq Sportif is releasing more shoes made in France after introducing the French-produced Arthur Ashe in 2015. On 6th February, the French brand will unveil an exclusive limited series of its flagship retro running shoe, the LCS R800. The LCS R800 MIF was designed in the brand’s offices in Paris and developed in Cholet, in workshops owned by Cléon, a company known for its savoir-faire and its careful work with materials. The exceptional full-grain leather was chosen with the utmost care. The LCS R800 MIF, available as a limited edition of 348 pairs, comes in a wooden case including a shoetree, shoe polish, and a brush and will be released February 6th at selected retailers such as  24 Kilates.