Sneakers76 x Puma Blaze of Glory Soft " The Legend of The Dolphin "

by Henrik Buzzi

This year is the 10th anniversary of Sneakers76, to celebrate this event the Sneakers76 team has created a collection of sneakers with four international brands including Puma. The model chosen is the Blaze of Glory SOFT, because the lateral toe of the shoe remembers the beak of the dolphin. The choice of variant SOFT because it represents the good character of the dolphin. The inspiration is taken from Stories, Legends and Symbols of the territory where Sneakers76 and its founders were born. The chosen symbol for Puma is the dolphin and title for this story “ The Legend of the Dolphin “Ancient legends tell that our city, Taranto – a Spartan city, part of Magna Grecia, a large Greek colony in Southern Italy– was founded by the god Taras, son of Poseidon. During a sea-voyage, Taras was shipwrecked off the coast of Taranto and was rescued by a dolphin. To thank Poseidon for coming to his aid through that dolphin, Taras founded the city of Taranto. Today, the sea of Taranto is populated by dolphins. When you approach the city from the sea, you can see that the dolphins accompany the sailing ships towards the entrance of the Gulf of Taranto. Limited to only 500 pair worldwide, this latest collaboration is dropping December 17 at Sneaker76.