Sneaker Freaker x Diadora V7000 "Taipan"

by Henrik Buzzi

On the eve of their 15th anniversary celebrations, SF have partnered with Diadora for the first time to produce this highly venomous ‘Taipan’ version of the V7000 runner. The taipan is an indigenous Australian serpent that ranks number one on the deadliest land snake index. The neurotoxic venom is lethal, paralysing the victim’s nervous system and disrupting blood flow. If you’re bitten by a taipan, you’ll either bleed to death or drop dead from shock. Taipans are also notorious for aggressive anti-social behavior, so don’t corner this rowdy beast and expect to walk away unscathed – it will finish you! The Sneaker Freaker version of the Diadora V7000 model is assembled from a sophisticated blend of sandy suedes, outback olive nubuck, 3M heel bites and venomous violet highlights. The midsoles are boldly blazed with a gradient midfoot fade, while desert speckle and debossed ‘snakeskin’ panels add extra reptile flair. The standard Diadora tongue design has been totally refreshed, with our ingenious ‘Taipan’ project logo added and the usual squiggle replaced by a golden serpent slithering across the black suede. Flip the shoe over and pink fangs are revealed in the V7000 soles. This killer Taipan shoebox completes the death-defying package. The release date is yet to be revealed, so keep your eyes open.