Sneakers in Ljubljana

by Henrik Buzzi

A couple of weeks ago we went to Ljubljana in Slovenia to check out the sneaker scene. We were lucky and got to visit the brand new shop called Sneakers. We had a chat with the store manager Luka Maček, and he told us that Ljubljana always has needed a shop like this. This is the first shop of its kind in Slovenia providing the newest and hottest sneaker models on the market. Luka also told us that Slovenians and Ljubljaners love fashion and designers sneakers. But before the store opened, they did not have any other choice then to travel to Italy or Austria to get their hands on their favorite pair of kicks.  

The store is located at the most beautiful spot in town and is already becoming a favorite spot for visitors to the city. We really recommend you to stop by this store if you are in Ljubljana. The great staff, good music and cool atmosphere really makes this a must drop by spot next time you are in Slovenia.