Extra Butter x Sperry "Caddy Pack".

by Henrik Buzzi

This summer, Sperry and Extra Butter are joining forces yet again to bring audiences a whimsical project inspired by a comedy classic. The “Caddy Pack” is a play on old school country club style using mixed materials and emphatic prints. Each of the four styles pay homage to the contrasting and rather outlandish characters one would find in a country club, at one that the Extra Butter crew ran.
The “Caddy” Striper CVO is your new Summer essential. Whether enjoying leisure time or grinding at that summer job, this asymmetrical pair of pomegranate jersey cotton and light indigo chambray with a french terry lining is your new seasonal classic.
The “Tycoon” Striper CVO encompasses the gaudy patterns of of traditional retro golf-wear into a singular design of antics and highbrow mayhem. With a different pattern and color on every panel, from teardrop to tartan to rainbow to paisley, give zero fucks and break all codes of fashion with this banger. Releasing June 23rd at Extra Butter