Vibe Harsløf Sneaker Jewelry.

by Henrik Buzzi

Based in Copenhagen, jewelry designer Vibe Harsløf’s style is of a rare kind, celebrated for her imaginative and urban jewelry. Harsløf’s universe is fearless and distinctively playful, which mirrors in her accessories that are strongly influenced by contrasted gritty sub-cultures and classic Scandinavian design tradition. Hence the jewelry also functions as design objects that holds the potential of becoming timeless.
Out of a totally egoistic need, she started doing ankle braces a few seasons ago. When winter came, it was too impractical to wear and she started thinking about how she could keep on adorning the feet despite the cold. In Copenhagen everyone wears sneakers all year round, and it felt so obvious to explore how she could adorn it. It has taken her quite a while to develop the styles because the functionality is so important but shouldn’t compromise on the style. For more information about where to get your sneaker jewelry, visit