HANON x Le Coq Sportif LCS R800 “The Good Agreement”

by Henrik Buzzi

Le coq sportif joins forces with Scottish retailer HANON, to offer a bold and original version of the LCS R800 utilizing some unique materials for this special make-up, which has been dubbed “The Good Agreement”. This collaboration takes its name from the English translation of ‘Bon Accord’, the motto of the city of Aberdeen, where HANON is located. It dates back to the middle ages, a period during which there was an alliance between France and Scotland. HANON and le coq sportif have thus taken their inspiration from this ancient alliance to create a new one, bringing together the best of France, Scotland and England.

The mix of unique materials, which is the signature of this LCS R800, finds its perfect expression through the union of three companies, each with a history that dates back over a century: le coq sportif, C.F. Stead and Halley Stevensons.

Based out of Sheepscar Tannery in Leeds, England, since 1904, C.F. Stead provide the three different lush suedes in a rich blue and light turquoise on the lower half of the upper, which contrast perfectly with the burnt orange on the upper half of this LCS R800. Thanks to know-how resulting from over 120 years of experience, the tannery still to this day produces suede for the most renowned luxury brands. In combination with the C.F. Stead suedes, HANON have also brought on board Halley Stevensons, who are specialists in waxed and weather resistant cotton fabric. From their historic Baltic Mill in Dundee, Scotland, where they were established in 1864, their water resistant, durable and breathable P200 Discovery fabric in a rich Cumin colour covers part of the upper.

A micro-perforated pig skin lining is applied to the inside of the shoe enhancing the all-round premium feel, and the insole features a special collaborative logo lock up printed on a stitched pig skin top layer which is then completed by way of a C.F. Stead suede laminated footbed. Additional details to symbolize the exchange of know-how and history appear in the form of embroidered dual branding on the tongues in the form of a neat Halley Stevensons woven tongue tab as well as further dual branding embossed on the heels of each shoe.Presented in a sleek black box printed with both logos, as well as a hang tag and four lace sets. Only way to be able to cop these is by registering your interest HERE. Registration for this release will close on Friday 25th of May at 09:00BST and then we will give successful registrants the opportunity to purchase

Highs and Lows x Coq Sportif R1000 "Cygnet"

by Henrik Buzzi

For spring 2018, le coq sportif along with Highs and Lows collaborate to reinterpret the LCS R 1000, once more. This latest collaboration on the iconic LCS silhouette is the finale to the story that began in 2014 that took inspiration from the southern hemispheres black swan and northern hemispheres white swan. This third pair is inspired by their young, the cygnet – and is executed in very soft and premium tones. The sneaker combines bright white leather with white-grey suede for an elegant interplay of materials reminiscent of the cygnet’s feathers. At the front of the foot is scallop shell pink perforated leather, complementing a smooth suede in the same colour that evokes the bird’s beak. Subtle gunmetal navy details, in particular at the top of the heel, add a touch of contrast to the design. Releasing April 21 at selected retailers such as hanon.


24 Kilates x Le Coq Sportif "Flash II"

by Henrik Buzzi

After two successful collaborations in 2013 and 2016, le coq sportif and 24 Kilates Barcelona have teamed up again for an exclusive version of Flash and, for the second time, a textile collection.

As a tribute to the running shoe models of the 1990s, le coq sportif and 24 Kilates are giving the Flash, the brand’s iconic running model, a do-over. Along with its characteristic shape, the model boasts the colours, patterns and materials typical of the decade. The pair is in retro white nylon-with ice blue base and sheen contrasting the matte quality of the white leather. On the inside of the shoe, navy blue stripes meet a yoke insert to create a pea coat effect. A navy suede yoke bears le coq sportif, above the 24 Kilates logo, both embossed in ice blue leather. The inner lining is white sponge. The pair comes with 3 laces in different colours and on the tip of each lace is “24 KILATES – BARCELONA” and on the other, “24 KILATES– BANGKOK”, referring to the two stores.

This retro spirit continues with a mini collection of three textile pieces, in the same shades and patterns as the Flash. The t-shirt with Navy blue stripes on white also bears le coq sportif, dividing the right sleeve in half. The sweats play with the sneaker codes: stripes, solid navy and glacier blue, the logos of collaboration. Finally, the collection is completed with a pair of white logo socks.

The new le coq sportif x 24 Kilates collaboration will be available from April 7 2018, on the e-shop lecoqsportif.com as well as in selected stores such as Shoez Gallery in France, Sneakers76 in Italy, Hanon in the United Kingdom and of course, 24 Kilates in Spain and Bangkok.

Le Coq Sportif “St. Valentin” pack

by Henrik Buzzi

For Valentine’s Day, Le Coq Sportif is proposing a mixed pack of two of the season’s flagship models, Omicron and Jane. To celebrate this festival of love, this year the brand is redesigning these two models, decorating them in an entirely embroidered floral motif. The Omicron retains its sports characteristics specific to the model, notably the nylon and neoprene upper. The Jane continues to be discreet and modern, with simple details such as perforations in the shape of a triangle. The red roses, the symbol of passion, are the key element of this pack. They are embroidered like a bouquet in different shades of red and green, and are applied on the side of both models. The Le Coq Sportif “St. Valentin” Pack will release on February 10 at selected retailers such as hanon.

Sneakerbox TLV x Le Coq Sportif LCS R800 "HUMMUS"

by Henrik Buzzi

Sneakerbox & Le Coq Sportif are proud to present an exclusive collaboration to mark the 7th anniversary of Sneakerbox. These shoes, designed by Le coq in collaboration with an Israeli sneaker store are a wonderful evocation of the city of Tel Aviv.  In order to give these shoes a truly Israeli feel and international appeal, @sagiesag took inspiration from one of the store favorite dishes: HUMMUS. The Release of the shoe will take place on February 16 at Sneakerbox and Worldwide on the 17.

Le Coq Sportif Made in France “Smoking Pack”

by Henrik Buzzi

For the start of 2018, le coq sportif is redesigning three of its classics, taking inspiration from French elegance and more particularly the tuxedo suit, to result in the Smoking pack. The three pairs, all Made in France, come with a white leather base with subtle touches of black in reference to the tie and bow tie.

The Turbostyle, one of the brand’s iconic shoes, is made of an assembly of white leathers. Black details on the tongue and on the mid-sole create an elegant contrast. The LCS R800, with a sporty look, has overlays in white and black leather and nubuck to further boost elegance. Crafted in white leather, the Icons, in keeping with its more minimalist style, now features black lines to emphasise the stitching. The lining is entirely in black for a sober result. Releasing January 20 at selected retailers such as Hanon.

Le Coq Sportif R1000 "Rois Mages"

by Henrik Buzzi

For epiphany, Le Coq Sportif is redesigning its LCS R 1000 by taking inspiration from the Three Kings. In fact, in the night of 6 January, Three Kings – Melchior, Balthazar and Gaspar – each offer a gift to the new- born child, of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Crafted with authentic materials, the model features three different shades of velvet, in reference to the majestic outfits of these three kings: cobalt blue, Phoenician purple and Rio red. The laces are the same color as the shoe, with golden flecks. The logo and tongues are also in gold to represent these sumptuous kings. The tongue features embroidery in golden thread of the different gifts; they are also printed on the insoles of the shoes. Releasing January 6 at selected retailers such as hanon.

Opinel x Le Coq Sportif Turbostyle

by Henrik Buzzi

Proud of their history and their French heritage, Le Coq Sportif and Opinel have come together to design a unique version of the Turbostyle. These symbols of French savoir-faire, both founded at the turn of the 20th century, have put their shared values into a men’s model which is made in France, and available from 1st December 2017.

This model was fully produced by the Compagnie Vosgienne de la Chaussure, founded in 1896, one of the last remaining French companies with so much know-how behind it, something that is rare in the footwear industry. Like le coq sportif, backed by 120 years of expertise, it aims to pass on its savoir-faire to future generations.

The Turbostyle was redesigned to be the perfect synthesis between Opinel’s world and le coq sportif’s. This shoe, made of premium camel leather, has a mountain look reinforced with hiking boot-style laces and metallic rivets. The rubber outer sole and the instantly recognisable shape provides excellent grip. The sole is topped with a blue-white-red line that contrasts with the leather, the perfect symbol of the spirit of this partnership. The heel cap is brown and features le coq sportif’s logo on the right heel and Opinel’s logo on the left shoe. For this collaboration, the two brands pooled their authenticity and their savoir-faire. The pair is presented in a beech wood box marked with both brands’ logos on the cover. Each box in numbered, in a series of 1 to 300 for the men’s model. An authentic Opinel Savoyard pocket knife, engraved with both brands’ logos, comes with the pair of shoes. This unique engraving on the handle and on the beech wood makes this knife a true collector’s item.The Turbostyle x Opinel Made In France collaboration will release at selected retailers such as hanon on December 1.

Le Coq Sportif Omega X “Snowflakes”

by Henrik Buzzi

This winter, Le Coq Sportif is revisiting the classic Omega X, inspired by a snowy, dreamlike Christmas atmosphere, for new pair called Snowflakes. "Le simili-cuir vernis, d’un blanc étincelant". This shoe’s sparkling white imitation patent leather goes perfectly with the silver glitter snowflakes on the translucent sides and the tongue. Like in a snow globe, the snowflakes move as you walk, making this a truly original shoe. The shoebox opens to reveal three ornaments: a candy cane, a snowflake, and the Le Coq Sportif logo, all reflecting prisms of light. Hang them on your Christmas tree or anywhere you like. Underneath, pull two tabs to open a drawer that holds the pair of Snowflakes. This unique, festive sneaker will make your winter holidays bright with white and silver contrasts. The Omega X “Snowflakes” is releasing exclusively at Fontana in Norway and is limited to only 6 pairs.

Le Coq Sportif “Maroquinerie”

by Henrik Buzzi

For the Millésime collections, available until the end of the year, Le Coq Sportif is redesigning three standout models with the Maroquinerie Made In France pack, made of premium leather. The Quartz, the Icons, and the LCS R800 pay homage to French savoir-faire and luxury, in a combination of leather, suede, and color.

The Quartz, one of the brand’s historic models, has been completely redesigned with a suede base and auburn leather onlays. The white sole echoes the white tongue. This contrast asserts its identity, in keeping with an artisanal look. This tonal mix is also used in the Icons, with a combination of burgundy suede. The addition of grey leather on the heel cap gives it a more modern look. The LCS R800 also uses brand new color combinations: the grey leather and suede upper contrasts with the brown heel cap. Releasing today at selected retailers such as Hanon. 

OMC x Le Coq Sportif LCS R Flow Velvet

by Henrik Buzzi

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Onze Mètres Carrés, Le Coq Sportif has teamed up with the top women’s sneaker store to design an exclusive pair.

The LCS R Flow Velvet, created for the occasion, is made of cross-dyed forest green velvet and features a number of feminine details, like a mesh sock and a metallic-accented insole. The cotton-satin laces strike the perfect balance between elegance and sophistication.

According to the store’s founder, the ideal size of a women’s closet is 11 sq.m, «onze mètres carrés» in French. This observation was the impetus behind this collaboration and the box designed for the limited edition shoe. Like a doll’s house, the box top opens to reveal a dressing room in relief. The pair of sneakers is meticulously set inside a drawer. Releasing soon at selected retailers such as Janne & Julia.

Mita x Le Coq Sportif LCS R 921

by Henrik Buzzi

The sneakers are inspired by models from the ‘80s and ‘90s, in a surprising adaptation for current tastes. The exclusive LCS R 921 mita sneakers is a fusion of the technical LCS R 1000 (upper) and the LCS R XVI (sole and heel), including the Dynactif shock absorber system, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. The brilliant colors are inspired by the archive EUREKA shoe co-created with Shigeyuki Kunii, creative director for mita sneakers. The red, blue, green, and beige accents punctuate the shoe’s contour and bring out the main navy color. These hybrid sneakers’ original design is accentuated by technical characteristics like Aérotop Open Mesh technology, which makes the shoe breathable. The sole is printed with the text « (Tokyo Kai)» the official mark of the collaboration with mita sneakers. Now available at selected retailers such as 24 Kilates.

Le Coq Sportif "Blanc Alpin" Pack

by Henrik Buzzi

The Le Sportif “Blanc Alpin” Pack features three silhouettes; the Turbostyle, AA Mid, and Icons, with the Icons being a new model for the season. The Le Coq Sportif Icons is inspired by two iconic pairs from their tennis archives, the Arthur Ashe and the Noah Comp, and it has the sole of the first, with the upper style of the latter. The upper on this version comes in textured leather, with outdoor vibes channeled through the laces, eyelets, and rubber sole unit.

Next up in the pack is the AA Mid which is what happens when the Arthur Ashe meets a high-top mountain shoe. Continuing with the tennis style of the Arthur Ashe, we see perforations throughout, as well as the usual heel overlay and sole, but again, outdoor vibes in the form of the laces, eyelets, and rubber sole unit.

Last but not least, the Turbostyle. An icon from Le Coq Sportif’s 1980’s running archives, and at the time, it was designed for marathon running, with it’s unique and particularly comfortable sole. This particular version continues the “Blanc Alpin” theme and combines textured resistant technical nylon with full grain leather overlays, and is finished off with contrasting laces, debossed logo, metallic studs, and again, that speckled rubber sole unit. Now available at selected retailers such as hanon.

KICKS LAB x Le Coq Sportif "Road Trippin" by Steven Harrington & Dez Einswell

by Henrik Buzzi

KICK LAB., located in Harajuku Tokyo, the center of Japanese street fashion, who keep developing the Japanese sneaker culture to the world. "Dez Einswell" and "Steven Harrington", two artists based in LA. "Le Coq Sportif", a France origin athletic brand that has the longest history in the world from 1882. These three across the countries come together and are going to release special models EUREKA OG DZ and LCS R 1000 SH.

The concept of the collaboration is "Road Trippin'". Dez Einswell chose le coq sportif's standard item EUREKA OG for this collaboration. His theme is "Sky Line" which was inspired from hiking through the great nature of California. Colors of the deep earth and the transparent sky are expressed as brown and blue and these contrasting colors are applied to EUREKA OG in perfect balance. His iconic original characters are featured on side of the upper and the midsole. This is literally his very unique special model. On the other hand, Steven Harrington chose LCS R 1000 which is also known for their standard item. His theme is "Faces and Places". This inspiration comes from the meeting people through the daily journey in the city and the nature. He expresses this theme in the vivid combination of turquoise blue and black. This is a very good contrast to Dez Einswell's design. This model features Steven Harrington's iconic original characters drawn on side of the upper and the midsole just like Dez Einswell's one. Releasing at KICKS LAB and Colette on July 29.

A closer look at Afew x Le Coq Sportif "Grand Depart"

by Henrik Buzzi

On July 1st, Afew will release their first collaboration with Le Coq Sportif and the Tour de France, for the "Grand Depart" in Düsseldorf, Germany. The super limited R1000 is inspired by the official "Grand Depart" Jersey and only 100 pairs were "Made in France". A premium Pigskin Leather adorn the complete upper, in which the toebox come in a super soft Nubuck. Through the light touch you'll get the plushy character of the leather. On the inside of both shoes, you'll find the coat of arms of Düsseldorf, aswell on the outside the LCS Logo stamped into the leather. The Icysole shows the Racing Track of the Tour de France.  All 100 pairs come in a special "Wooden Box" packaging and to get your very own look you'll find 2 extra laces with the shoes. Releasing July 1 at Afew.

Afew x Le Coq Sportif x Tour De France R1000 "Grand Départ"

by Henrik Buzzi

On July 1st, Afew will release their first collaboration with Le Coq Sportif and the Tour de France, for the "Grand Depart" in Düsseldorf, Germany. The super limited R1000 is inspired by the official "Grand Depart" Jersey and only 100 pairs were "Made in France". A premium Pigskin Leather adorn the complete upper, in which the toebox come in a super soft Nubuck. Through the light touch you'll get the plushy character of the leather. On the inside of both shoes, you'll find the coat of arms of Düsseldorf, aswell on the outside the LCS Logo stamped into the leather. The Icysole shows the Racing Track of the Tour de France.  All 100 pairs come in a special "Wooden Box" packaging and to get your very own look you'll find 2 extra laces with the shoes. Releasing July 1 at Afew.

Guerlain x Le Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe “La Petite Robe Noire”

by Henrik Buzzi

For the release of the new fragrance “La Petite Robe Noire” this June, le coq sportif and Guerlain are unveiling a sneaker developed together, inspired by the singular world of this already legendary perfume. This exclusive shoe, the perfect addition to any sportycasual wardrobe.

The two iconic French brands chose an emblematic shoe, the Arthur Ashe, reinterpreted in black and white, with design elements borrowed from La Petite Robe Noire. Woven black and white strips come together in a graphic contrast motif. The outer sole is made of clear rubber filled with silver glitter, evoking the sparkling scent. The left tongue features the fragrance’s signature little black dress, paired with the le coq sportif logo on the right tongue. In this version of the Arthur Ashe, the icons are paired again, this time switched, on the heel tab. A mini ceramic pendant and the sophisticated La Petit Robe Noire perfume come with the shoes, the perfect pairing with the fragrance that inspired the unique creation. The le coq sportif x La Petite Robe Noire capsule collection is now available at selected retailers.

Release party for the Le Coq Sportif Permium BBR pack at Flykicks

by Henrik Buzzi

On Thursday Flykicks is proud to announce the release of the Le Coq Sportif Premium BBR pack. Proud of its history and its French heritage, this year, Le Coq Sportif is releasing a premium blue-white & red pack that revisits three iconic running shoes. check out the event here. 

The LCS R800 is one of Le Coq Sportif’s most iconic running shoes from the 1990s. This pair has a Dynactif sole, an innovation from the era, with a rubber insert that helps with rebound. This premium version is made of noble materials, with a light grey nubuck upper and a beige full-grain leather heel counter. With tricolour accents in reference to the brand's heritage, it is an elegant, modern shoe.

The Omega was first released in 1986, this performance shoe was designed for joggers. The heel counter ensures stability and comfort and the knit mesh and EVA sole make it uniquely supple. This premium version is made of noble materials, with a light grey nubuck upper and a beige full-grain leather heel counter. With tricolour accents in reference to the brand's heritage, the Omega is an elegant, modern shoe.

The Quartz was first released in 1981, the Quartz is now an iconic, instantly recognisable running shoe, with a unique silhouette and a signature sole that curves up at the front and back of the shoe. This premium version is made of noble materials, with a light grey nubuck upper and a beige full-grain leather heel counter. With tricolor accents in reference to the brand's heritage, the Quartz is an elegant, modern shoe.